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Silver Star Mortgage / Refinancing

Silver Star Mortgage Refinance​

Why pay more than you have too? Don't wait!

Changing the terms of your loan can benefit you and maximize your monthly income. A lower monthly mortgage payment can help free-up money you can save, invest or use for other expenses. When rates are favorable, refinancing to a lower rate or longer-term mortgage can keep more money in your pocket every month. Call us today so we can help you to decide whether you should refinance your current mortgage at a lower interest rate.

Silver Star ReFinancing

Custom Loan Terms

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When a client is considering purchasing or refinancing, they frequently do not want to not want a 30 year mortgage or to lengthen their existing loan term. Others want to pay off their loan early and have a specific budget that does not perfectly match up with a new 10 or 15 year loan. Silverstar Mortgage offers the perfect solution with custom loan terms of 8 years to 30 years on most conforming and government fixed loan products.

  • Lower your monthly payments

  • Obtain more budget certainty

  • Pay off your home mortgage sooner

  • Get cash for large expenses

  • Consolidate your debt

Contact your Licensed Mortgage Professional to get today’s refinance rates by phone 321-234-8811

3% Down Payment Loan Program for Florida Homes

3% Down Payment Loan Program for Florida Homes

10% Down Payment Loan Program

Retail​ &​ Office complexes, Hotels ​&​ Apartments

3% Down Payment Loan Program for Florida Condos

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