Silver Star Mortgage will be open and honest with our customers.  We will give our customers options and respect their choices.


We will treat our customers as we would treat ourselves.  We will do what is right for the customer, even if it means a lower fee or extra work for the company.


We will honor our commitments to our customers.  We will deliver on time and keep our promises.

Ready to Serve

Silver Star Mortgage stands ready to serve our customers with honesty, integrity and reliability.

Veteran-owned business

As a Veteran-owned business we understand that our customers demand and deserve the very best service and our team is ready to provide it.

Proud to Serve

Buying and owning a home is a foundation of the American dream and Silver Star Mortgage is proud to serve our customers every step of the way.

Our Belief

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Ruben Galan, President 

Ph: 321-234-8811


I'm new to the industry but I get it done! Contact me today and let me show you how I apply my Marine training to the mortgage industry.



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ChristinaSantana, Managing Broker

I'm the best mortgage broker known to man! Trust me. give me a call and I will show you. 

Think Outside the Bank


Silver Star Mortgage, LLC

Tel. 321-234-8811  Fax. 407-386-7043

8810 Commodity Circle Ste #17
Orlando, Fl 32819

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